Remote Challenges

This unique, completely free feature is designed to enrich your educational efforts, seamlessly integrating learning activities before and after the museum visit. A Remote Challenge is an incredibly engaging way for your audience to learn about your topics through interactive quizzes – no matter where they are.


Your visitor’s journey begins from the comfort of their home and continues long after they’ve stepped out of the museum’s doors.

Whether they’re gearing up for an upcoming visit or looking to explore more after they’ve returned home, Remote Challenges are your tool for facilitating a deeper connection and understanding. They offer a fun new way to engage your audience.

Discover before you go

Remote Challenges are your gateway to sparking curiosity and building anticipation. Prepare your audience for their visit with engaging, gamified experiences that introduce key topics and exhibits. Our interactive challenges are designed not just to inform but to excite, making the upcoming museum visit an eagerly awaited adventure.

Take the museum home with you

The journey doesn’t end when visitors leave the museum. With Remote Challenges, the exploration continues. Dive deeper into the subjects that fascinated you, uncover more secrets, and enjoy the museum’s treasures from anywhere, at any time. Our platform allows your audience to take the wonder and inspiration home with them.

Gamified education

At MuseumStars, we believe in the transformative power of gamification in education. Remote challenges make learning an engaging, interactive experience.

Gamified education offers numerous benefits, including increased motivation, improved memory retention, and the development of problem-solving skills. By presenting museum topics through quizzes and interactive tasks, learning becomes not only informative, but also fun. Active participation helps users absorb and retain information.

User-friendly content management system

Remote Challenges can be configured without tech knowledge in our web-based CMS. All content can be uploaded and easily managed by the museum team. An app simulator enables you to preview your app in the browser. Content changes are delivered to users in real time. 

Expand Your Reach

Joining MuseumStars increases your visibility and provides a new channel for audience engagement and outreach. Each MuseumStars profile page showcases a museum and its Remote Challenges. With over 150 museums on the platform, this serves as both an educational resource and a marketing tool, helping you reach new audiences around the world.

About MuseumStars

The MuseumStars platform was designed and developed by Vienna-based Fluxguide, an industry leader and specialist in museum apps and digital visitor experiences. For more than ten years, the agency has been designing customized apps and guides for museums worldwide, constantly setting new standards for design and technology. The result of these years of accumulated expertise is the MuseumStars platform as the most advanced mobile mediation experience for visitors, whether on-site at the museum or remote.

Fluxguide moderates the exchange of ideas and experiences among the MuseumStars community and serves as a catalyst for improvement and enhancement ideas from participating museums. The platform is improved in periodic release cycles. The community is involved by voting on the prioritization of further developments. This creates a living system whose innovations are developed from the midst of museum practice.